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Well I am here just researching...I took my bunny to the vet

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Well I am here just researching...I took my bunny to the vet last Saturday after he collapsed his side he was given antibiotics for possible pneumonia but he didn't make it. I know he is gone but im actually just here because I want to see if he was given all good treatment. I feed him rabbit smoothie in a syringe, and water also
JA: I'm sorry to hear that. What is the bunny's name and age?
Customer: Midnight almost 9 years
JA: What is the bunny's name?
Customer: Midnight was his name
JA: Is there anything else the Veterinarian should be aware of about your bunny?
Customer: I was wondering what other treatments there were for pneumonia or colds other than the smoothie or antibiotics

Hi. My name is***** I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of your bunny Midnight. It is never easy to loose a pet. He was with you a very long time. A nine year old rabbit is definitely getting up there in age. I would say that his situation sounded pretty guarded to begin with. If he was that compromised from a pneumonia to be collapsing, that definitely shows his body was greatly stressed from a respiratory aspect. With pneumonia in rabbits, aggressive supportive care is what is done. In his situation, if he would have been at my ER clinic with a pneumonia, we have the capacity to do oxygen support through the use of an oxygen cage. This can be done to help support them and improve their oxygenation while they are hopefully starting to respond to the antibiotics and nutritional support. Not every clinic has an oxygen cage at their. So in his case, oxygen supportive care would have been something that could have been used in some clinics.

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
I understand... unfortunately where I moved to had no vets that specializes in rabbits. I had him set to go to another county about 45 minutes away the next day and when I came home he was gone . I just feel I didn't do enough and I'm having a time with grief. No one understands that he was more than a pet so I have a hard time expressing it. I got him from a preschool I worked at after he was purchased as the Easter Bunny in 2008 because I didn't want him to be sent back to the pet store

Some people don't understand how special a human / pet bond can become. This can be with any pet. Those people, I feel sad for. They haven't had the opportunity to know just how close they can become to a pet. They are like the ultimate friend in that they are there for you no matter how your day is going. I can absolutely understand how hard it is for you at this time. Please know that you did everything you could to help him. Honestly, I don't think oxygen support would have been the "magical" treatment to get him through this. His situation sounded pretty progressed and I would have been talking to any owner about how no matter what therapy was done, he might not make it. Please don't feel that you didn't do right for him. You gave him a great life for all those years and that is what you need to remember - all those good times. He's still with you in spirit.

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Thank you for all your help I appreciate it. I have a small dog as well who was raised with my rabbit and is showing signs of stress since the rabbit died . Is that normal?

It can be normal for any resident animal that was socialized with them to be saddened by the loss of the other. Animals are creatures of habit / routine and at this time, the normal routines are thrown off. The best thing I can recommend in these scenarios is to try and fill the void with other activities such as walks, play time to help divert that attention.

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Okay thank you so much. I appreciate all your help

I'm glad to help in this small way at this time of loss. Take care.

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