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Please can you advise me urgently on how to make a

Customer Question

Hello please can you advise me urgently on how to make a redydration fluid at home? My hamster who is 18 months old is sick, yellow water coming out of her bottom, but I also found some some sticky stools. just sitting in my hand, hardly moving, has become thin in last 36 hours, won't eat or drink, one sticky eye. I can't get to Vet tonight (it's 11pm here in London) and I must help her to rehydrate if possible. ~So can you advise on how to make my own rehydration liquid?
Thank you so much. She is my daughter's hamster I have been looking after, successfully until now, and daughter returns from university tomorrow. Hamster is warm and in clean surrounds but urine smelly.
This hamster has never been much of a drinker, always preferring since birth to get her fluids from fruit and veg daily.
Thank you.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Pet
Expert:  Dr. Jeff replied 1 year ago.

Chances are that this is a case of wettail. Your local pet store may carry a product called Dri-Tail or similar product which is a over the counter antimicrobial product for small rodents.

However, you are correct in assuming that correcting dehydration is important. The easiest way to do that if you do not have access to a pet store, is to use a human pediatric electrolyte solution such as pedialyte. You can administer this orally (1-3 drops) every hour or so. Keep in mind, this will not likely help the loose stools, but can help support hydration. I hope this helps and give you some direction.


Dr. Jeff