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I got my daughter 2 female guinea pigs 6 or 8 weeks ago. a

Customer Question

I got my daughter 2 female guinea pigs 6 or 8 weeks ago. a few days later, came home from work to discover that one of them had given birth so it was obviously already preggers when we got it. everything was fine for 2 or 3 weeks until one night. Daughter's friend was over and holding the baby and dropped it. It seemed fine at first but a little while later she went to check on it again and it was on it's side twitching. It died a little later that night. I assumed it had to do with being dropped, but now tonight, one of the adults is doing the same thing.. lying on it's side and twitching its legs. Nothing traumatic happed to this one. It was fine its cage one minute... 20 minutes later on its side twitching. What would cause this? Is there anything I can do for it?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Pet
Expert:  Joan replied 1 year ago.


My name is ***** ***** I have been a Vet tech for 30+ years with special interest in Exotics and small animals. Please get some some Vitamin C. We are going to start giving 25 mg twice a day or 50 mg once a day. This sounds like a Vitamin C deficiency. If you are not giving Vitamin C, Guinea Pigs can get Scurvy. If it was the Female that had the babies, that can drain more Vitamin C from the body. They cannot produce Vitamin C in the body, so giving the Vitamin C supplement is imperative to help the Guinea Pig. You can take the Vitamin C and dilute it in a little Pedialyte and feed it via Syringe. This is some information on Scurvy: This is just emergency first aid. She really needs to see a Vet asap for a full exam to check and see if there is another reason for the issues you are seeing. I will give you a list of Vets that see Guinea Pigs, but most Vets can be see if an emergency: Please let me know if you need clarification about this information. If I have addressed your concerns, Pease take a moment to rate my service 5 stars.