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Have a mated pair of maroon, yellow band clown fish about

Customer Question

Have a mated pair of maroon, yellow band clown fish about 14-15 years old. Have had them about 12 years. Large female has develop air bladder issues. She had that about a year ago and it 'cleared' up in 2-3 weeks. This time it's much worse and she can only swim vertically, still manages to eat well, (frozen stuff like mussels, mysis, brine, squid, krill etc.,). She still 'tends' to her anemones as best she can and then lays down on her side for a few minutes to rest. Any cure, solutions etc. I understand they can live 30-35 years so she's fairly young by those standards.
Tank is 100 gallon. Water changes about 3 times a month, 15 gallons each time. Water source is Pacific Ocean off Bodega Bay. To reduce salinity I use RO fresh from store. Marine also from store. Tank has one Tang, one Angel, 4 Chromis, one Jenny, 6 anemones all split off from original, rest is soft coral. All other fish are good. Temp around 78-80 degrees constant. Use protein skimmer and glass filter. 2 water turbulence heads.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Pet