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My german short haired pointer got a little hot wed that night

Customer Question

my german short haired pointer got a little hot wed that night didnt eat went to vet keept overnight blood is good had iv fluids picted him up today no change very lethargic and wont eat now currently very unresponsive i dont think he will make through the nite he is 7yrs old reply david
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Pet
Expert:  Pet Doc replied 1 year ago.
Hi there David, Thanks for your question regarding your GSP who is very lethargic and almost unresponsive right now. This is definitely a real concern and reason enough to take him straight to your local ER vet right away. If you can, please check your boy's mucus membranes, capillary refill time and respiratory rate as follows:Mucus membranes - flip his lip and look at the color of his gums. They should maintain a nice salmon pink color. Get him to the emergency Vet if they appear white or very pale pink, or if they are a dark deep red color.Capillary Refill time - this measures blood perfusion and test this by putting your thumb on his gum to apply pressure. After you release your thumb you will see the gum blanch. Capillary refill time is the amount of time it takes (in seconds) for the gum to return to a healthy pink color from the blanched white color. If 2 seconds or less don't worry - if it is taking significantly more time, again - off to the emergency Vet.Respiratory Rate - if he is continuously panting throughout the night, this is a sign of shock and or pain and a signal for a trip to the emergency Vet. Let me know what you find from the above. If you can get him straight down to your local ER vet right now, please do. There are a number of things that could be happening here including anything from a deteriorating internal organ problem (despite the normal bloods), to systemic shock still as a result of over heating the other night. I will wait to hear from you.Kind Regards, ***** *****