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My dog has been vomiting off and on for about the last 4 weeks.

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My dog has been vomiting off and on for about the last 4 weeks. The vomit looks to be mostly undigested food and clear liquid (maybe water). He was just diagnosed with a yeast infection in his ear and an eye infection. He was given drops for both. My wife forgot to ask the vet about the vomiting. Could it be related to the ear infection? He used to get car sick as a puppy, but he grew out of it. Thanks.
Hi there,

Thank you for your question. My name isXXXXX and I am happy to be able to help you today. Before I put an answer together for you, I am going to need a little more info about

- How often would Otto vomit? Daily? Can he keep his food and water down mostly?
- How quickly after eating would Otto bring his food/water back up again?
- Is Otto on any other medication?
- Has he had any other symptoms like being off food or vomiting?

Once you get back to me, I will start typing up my response. Thanks for this and I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Dr E
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

He vomits approximately 3 or 4 times per day. His stool is normal. He doesn't throw up all of his food. He'll eat 2 cups at a sitting and throw up less than 1/4 cup at most. He vomits several hours after eating.


He takes one 100mg Rimadyl per day for hip pain and has been on it for 3 years. He is also receiving Mometamax twice a day for an ear infection and Gentamicin Sulfate twice a day for an eye infection (both began 5 days ago.


He had an isolated seizure two weeks ago and I mentioned the vomiting to the vet at that time, but she thought it was unrelated.


Additional symptoms include general lethargy and a runny nose.

Hi again Chris,

Thanks for your prompt reply regarding your boy. This ongoing vomiting is definitely a worry and something that needs to be followd up with some diagnostics to try and ascertain the cause of the problem. There are a range of potential causes for this, however it is unlikely that the vomiting is directly related to the ear issue. If your boy had a middle ear infection, then this potential could cause some vomiting, however you would also notice wobbliness on the feet and likely a head tilt as well (which doesn't seem to be the case thankfully).

The main potential concerns I would have here include a stomach ulcer due to the ongoing NSAID (non steroidal anti inflammatory --> ie. Rimadyl), or even an adverse reaction to this. In fact - given you have seen vomiting, this is reason enough to stop giving the Rimadyl until the cause of the vomiting can be ascertained, and a stomach ulcer ruled out. Other potential causes for this ongoing chronic vomiting include anything from a chronic partial obstruction (ie something the has eaten previously that is causing a partial blockage in his stomach), an infectious cause (hopefully he is up to date with deworming treatments and vaccinations?), or even a more rare problem like megaesophagus. Megaesophagus would typically cause ongoing regurgitation/vomiting rather than on/off vomiting - so this is less likely, however we need to keep it in mind.

I would definitely recommend going back to your Vet tomorrow with Otto to follow up on this vomiting. Particularly given he has been on Rimadyl for such a long time, it is definitely wise to get the cause of this vomiting ascertained as soon as possible. A full physical exam will be the best place to start - and the ear and infection can be checked up at this time also. Following this, I would recommend a full blood panel on your boy as well as abdominal xrays and/or ultrasound. This will help to give much more information in to the cause of the vomiting. A specific test for the pancreas can also help to rule out a pancreatic issue like pancreatitis, or even pancreatic insufficiency. If all is clear at this stage, then it would likely be that your vet will try your boy on a different pain relief medication for his hip and put him on a gastroprotectant in case a stomach ulcer could be the cause of this vomiting.

Ultimately - this vomiting definitely isn't good or normal, and given his history and the medications he has been on, I do think it is very important for you to follow this up tomorrow if at all possible. I hope all of the above makes sense? Please let me know if you have any other questions. My goal is to provide you with excellent service – if you feel you have gotten anything less, please reply back. I am happy to address follow-up questions.

Kind Regards,

Dr Edwards

Bonuses & positive feedback are always welcomed and very much appreciated

If you have any further questions in the future, I would be more than happy to help you again! Just bookmark my profile and ask a question via the question box.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

What do you mean by "Megaesophagus would typically cause ongoing regurgitation/vomiting rather than on/off vomiting?"


Does vomiting 4 or 5 times every day qualify as ongoing? Or does ongoing mean vomiting every time he eats or more constantly throughout the day?



Hi Chris,

With megaesophagus, we typically see vomiting ALL of the time in undiagnosed cases. The regurgitation vs vomiting factor also typically means that this occurs within 5 - 10 minutes of eating, rather than a couple of hours later. So - it is much less likely for this to be megaesophagus, however we have to keep this possibility in the back of our minds as well.

Given Otto is bringing up his food and/or water 1 - 2 hours after ingestion, this is much more likely to be vomiting rather than regurgitation.

I hope that makes sense.

Kind Regards,

Dr Edwards
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The vomiting started sporadically about 4 weeks ago. And within the last week or so it has increased to 4 or 5 times daily - every day.


I just fed him 2 cups of food and made a note of the ingestion time to get an accurate time to his unfortunately inevitable vomiting.


Thanks for your prompt and detailed responses. If you don't mind, I'm going to monitor him for a bit and (now that I'm paying science experiment level attention to times and amounts) and see if I notice anything additional that I missed before.



No problem Chris. That seems like a reasonable thing to do. Given he is on Rimadyl, it would be a good idea to follow up on this, this week if at all possible.

Best of luck,

Dr E
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