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if hamster suffered an ear infection and has a twisted head

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if hamster suffered an ear infection and has a twisted head now, would the antibiotics help to get the head position back?


My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am a Vet tech who has special interest in exotics and pocket pets. Anna, has gone off for the evening, but I would be happy to assist you.

Has Speedy been diagnosed with an ear infection?

Is Speedy on any Antibiotics as of yet?

What is he taking for the infection?


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

we did not see vet yet. he is not taking any medications. not diagnosed. i just tried to get more info on internet and found out that it could be an ear infection


What you are describing is Torticollis or Wry neck. This can be a form of Vestibular problem(the vestibular apparatus is what allows all living creatures to be able to have balance). This can be a result of various problems that include a tooth problem, protozoan infections, bacterial infections, a stroke, or even tumors. This type of problem could start in the inner ear or in the brain stem area of the body. Speedy will need to see a Vet to properly diagnose where this originated from and a treatment protocol. If this is a bacterial infection an antibiotic may help the infection, but the neck may always have a tilt to it. If this is a result of a Neurological issue like a stroke, then it may take some time to recover. It is best until you can get Speedy into a Small Exotic Vet to keep him in a dark quiet room, with no foot traffic. Make sure he is getting fluids and food. If he is not eating you can try and syringe feed Critical care recovery food and for fluids, you can give some Pedialyte infant electrolyte solution. I am going to give you some links for Vets that can treat Speedy: or Please type Member in each blank. Please let me know if you have further questions or need clarification of what I have given you. Joan

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