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DrRalston, Veterinarian
Category: Pet
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Experience:  Over twelve years experience in small animal medicine with an emphasis in behavior.
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Hello, does the ultra sonic plug into wall unit hurt pets in

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Hello, does the ultra sonic plug into wall unit hurt pets in your home. TX
Yes, these electronic units do bother animals.

They can hear these units. The noises aren't "harmful" to them, however they are annoying. Remember, they hear 10 times or more so better than we do.

I would not recommend using one of these in the home.

If you decide on ant sprays or bait however, be sure to keep the pet away from the spray until it is completely dry, do not them lick it. The bait traps can also be eaten by pets, so keep them on a ledge or in a cabinet that is away from where the pet can get it. The ants will still find the trap if it is near their chemical trail.

The other, and best possible solution, would be to have your area treated professionally to be sure it is safe to pets.

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