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Is there anything non-toxic or organic that I could use to

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Is there anything non-toxic or organic that I could use to kill flies indoors, and use to wipe surfaces so they wont want to land there? I'm hesitant to use Raid around small pets.

Something with a pleasant smell would be a plus, but safe and effective are top priorities.
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I'm sorry you're having a problem with flies, indoors. First, try to find where they're entering and close off that access. Flypaper is best, XXXXX XXXXX from the ceiling, away from counters, so the pets can't jump up and reach them. Also, you can stick cloves into fresh oranges, apples, etc. and leave them around the kitchen. They don't like the scent of cloves and they also don't like the scent of basil, so you can keep a basil plant on your counter or in any area you feel they're entering. You can also cut oranges in half, juice them, and fill them with salt. This too, will repel houseflies.
Wipe down your counters with an orange or lemon scented disinfectant cleaner.

You can find more ideas, here:

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