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I have a Lab puppy who is usually very energetic and today

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I have a Lab puppy who is usually very energetic and today he has been so sleepy and laying around.Im worried because that is not his usual behavior.I wet his food down every night before I feed him because he eats so fast.But last night I was unable to feed him so my father did and I have no idea if he wet his food down.My friend had one dog who ate like my puppy,but she didn't wet his food and his stomach bloated and he died.Im worried about my puppy.He has pooped and peed,and he will get up and he ate a little pepperoni(slowly,which is unusual).Hes not very hot and he's asleep right now,cool in my room.Any help?
Hello, My name is XXXXX XXXXX I have been a veterinary nurse for 26 years.Thank you for allowing me to assist you today.

I am sorry to hear Banjo is having some trouble. I just have a few questions so I can better assist you.

Can you tell me exactly how old he is?

Has he been fully vaccinated?

What color are his gums?

Is his stomach harder or larger then normal?

Has he eaten his regular meal today?

Any vomiting or attempts to vomit?

Any diarrhea?

Any chance he got into anything that he should not have, such as chemicals, medications, toxins etc?

Any coughing or sneezing?

Is there any way you could take a rectal temp?

Has he been out in the heat for long periods of time?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
He just turned 3 months old last Monday.He has had his Parvovirus shot,but nothing else because he just turned 12 weeks,I have yet to get the rest of the shots administered.I checked his gums before I typed the questions,they are lookin purplish,not a healthy pink like my other dog.No white just dark.It seems harder and I might just be paranoid now but I want to say a little larger too.He only gets fed at night so no ma'am not yet.No vomiting or attempts to.No diarrhea,none that I have seen yet.His poop was solid last night.No ma'am no chance of toxins,we have none where he can reach.No coughing or sneezing.No ma'am I have no way I can take his temp and he sleeps outside,I live in lower Alabama Iif that can give you any idea of the heat.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
He is a black lab so I want to say his gums should be dar.But I'm not the expert,I'm just wanting to know if I should take him to a vet.
Thank you for the additional information.

One thing that may be causing him to eat to fast is that he is only getting fed once per day. Pups this age need to eat 3 times per day to maintain the proper glucose levels in the blood. When the glucose levels drop this can cause minor problems such as lethargy, sleeping and weakness to more sever problems such as seizures. At 6 months of age then they can drop to 2 feeding per day but even adult dogs should be fed twice per day .\

Another possibility is the heat. Dog can over heat very easily developing heat exhaustion and even a heat stroke, dark red and or purple gums can indicate signs of heat exposure. Being black then he can over heat much quicker. One thing you may want to consider if he stays outside is a baby pool with cool water so he can get in and out to cool off.It is possible that the gums are dark due to natural pigment

If is very very rare for a dog to die from food bloat so I am not to worried about that, I suspect there was more to the death of your friends dog. Dogs with bloat will attempt to vomit with no success and rarely will they pass stool. If he has not been dewormed regularly this can cause pups to have a large belly so you want to consider this as well.

Living outside make sure he has had 3 parvo and 3 distemper vaccines or he is not properly protected. He will also need his rabies vaccine in a few weeks.

I would try to get a temp , normal is 100.5-102.5 anything over 103.5 or under 100 requires immediate attention.

I would get some pancake syrup or honey and give him a small amount to see if this gives him some energy. If the gums stay purple he does not perk up,has any vomiting or any blood in the stool then he should be seen by a vet.

I would also see if you can get him to eat a small meal after giving the syrup and try to get him in a cool place in case he is over heating.

Please keep me posted on how he is doing. Please reply back if you have additional questions or concerns and I will be happy to continue.
Candy and other Pet Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
His temperature is 105.0,I'm taking him to the vet.
Ok yes that defiantly warrants a vet visit. I will be on all day please let me know what they say.