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Joan, Vet Technician
Category: Pet
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Experience:  Vet Tech for 35+yrs. Small Animals and Fish
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Anna, This is an odd question. Is there any way to teach

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This is an odd question. Is there any way to teach the Cavy to vocalize more? I am used to my Cavy being much more vocal. These poor things (the mom and dad) are so pet shop indoctrinated that when I gave them carrots and cucumbers for the first time, they moved them out of the way to eat pellets. I had to teach them that the carrot was something to eat. so they have not taught their offspring to be very vocal, so i guess it is up to me. There is a few low purrs, and once in a while a sharp squeal, but nothing else.
Hi, Anna is out of town and is not available to assist you. I will open your question to other professionals. Thank you for your continued patience :-)
Camille - Moderator


My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am a Vet Tech for 30+ years and I work with Anna. Cavys have their own language and unfortunately I do not think you can teach them to be more vocal, but you can learn what their vocalizations mean. Some of the sounds they make, you may think are alike, but they have a little variance in pitch or length which can change the whole meaning of what a cavy is trying to convey to you. This link has the sounds and what each sound means: or this link which the sounds are a little louder what you can hear them better:

It is very interesting because each vocalization and sound they make can actually tell you what they want, if they area happy, hungry, scared or angry. Using the link I supplied may also help with vocalizations when the Goldie hears them. You can also listen to these vocalizations and see if you can recognize the difference in sounds. Cavy's have their own language and will communicate with other Cavy's as well as with you when you listen to the different pitches and lengths of the sounds they make. Hopefully the link to the vocalizations will help you and Goldie. Please let me know if I can assist you further. My goal is to give you Excellent Service. Joan

Joan, Vet Technician
Category: Pet
Satisfied Customers: 18345
Experience: Vet Tech for 35+yrs. Small Animals and Fish
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