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My dog had very loose stool this morning, had an accident in

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My dog had very loose stool this morning, had an accident in the house, and then just now ran we to go downstairs and had loose stool again. This time, I noticed there was blood in the stool (or red) I collected the poop and put it in a few plastic baggies and put it into the fridge. I called my vet and they did not have any more appointments today, but said they can take her in at 10am tomorrow. Is it bad to wait that long? Is it ok to keep the poop in the fridge? What could it be from? Shes eating and drinking normally.

Welcome. I'm Dr. Bruce and I've been a small animal veterinarian for over 12 years. Thank you for your question about your girl. At this time, it wouldn't seem like it is a bad situation waiting until tomorrow at 10 - that is as long as she's eating normally, drinking normally, not acting weak and not vomiting. IF these things were to change, then getting her seen sooner would be very much recommended. Diarrhea can be very mess and concerning to an owner and that is why it is nice to try and get it dealt with as soon as possible. If they can squeeze you in today, I would still try to do that. Can you call them back and see if there is any way to get you in? It is ok to keep it in the fridge at this time. But, more than likely your vet will get a fresh stool sample from the rectum during the visit for an evaluation. It could be from intestinal parasites, giardia or from eating something that has upset the bacteria in the colon.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I just called and they said they can get her in at 4:30. Nice relief. Thank you

Great! These diarrhea cases are ones I like to try to get in as soon as possible to help the pet get over it so they don't make as big of a mess in the house.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I just fed her and she sucked up her food. She also went to the groomer yesterday, and they did express her glands. It happened shortly after that yesterday and then today.

She may have had something as far as a treat or something there yesterday that is just not sitting well today. That is good that she ate well! I hope her stools are getting better here soon after her appointment! I would suspect that they'll do a fecal analysis and most likely do a course of metronidzole on her again.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

can dogs just get blood in there poop without it being very dangerous? its never happened to her before. She has had bad stomach issues before, but never blood

They can have bouts of colitis, non-specific inflammation of the colon, which cause blood and it can be not dangerous. Blood is something that catches the eye, but hopefully it isn't that bad. She is again still eating and drinking well and not vomiting. IF those were to change, then the degree of seriousness escalates.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

can they check for all of those things with a poop sample? colitis, obstruction, giardia etc.?

When I get a case like this in my clinic, I will get a fresh sample of stool from the rectum (but bring in what you got so they can see that). I will make a fecal float to look for parasite eggs, make a direct smear to look at the bacteria, and then do a wet mount to look for organisms. All these are looking for a potential cause. I would do a rectal examination by digital palpation to make sure there are no masses or anal gland issues at the source of this. I wouldn't feel an obstruction is at hand as not eating and vomiting are usually associated with this.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
She had a direct and flotation test done and a giardia assay and both came negative. Doctor said because she is eating drinking etc its likely bacterial colitis and prescribed her flagyl... 250mg. I forget the name metrzonicale? Does that seem like a fair assessment? She had no fever. I have her two doses of the meds tonight, one at 4 and again at 9..
Sounds like a good plan is in place! It is metronidazole most likely that she's on at this time. Hopefully the stools are looking better here soon! Let me know if any future questions come up. Give her a good petting for me!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
The bleeding itself is not dangerous though? My vet played it off that bleeding is common and dogs systems can be irritated very easily. Will the Metronidazole clear up the bleeding safely? It doesn't just hide the bleeding it actually rids of it? Sorry for all the questions I appreciate it and no who to recommend on here
Blood in stools can be pretty common with some not very critical things - the colitis being that. It can be a very critical sign of more critical things like tumors or clotting issues to name two. The metronidazole shouldn't just cover things up. It should help to correct a bacterial overgrowth issue. Hopefully here this morning things are looking better. Don't worry about the questions! That is why I'm here!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

She did not go at all when I took her out this morning. So I assume the Metronidazole is doing what it should by stuffing her up a bit. He said by just looking at her at the vet yesterday, that he knew it wasnt anything critical like a clotting issue or a tumor. Is that something he should have looked for?

With how she looked on her physical exam, her history, and the tests that were done - I don't think further testing was needed. Response to therapy is a test in itself too. Her not going is great to this point. Diarrhea has to go from it to more solid stools. This takes time for this process. As long as she's eating, drinking and not vomiting - it would seem she's on the right path! Don't worry about when the next stool will come. Nature will take its course there. I would be concerned if she was trying to go and not going.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Well she did try to squat and nothing came out-- but it didnt look like she was in pain- I think she felt I was putting pressure on her to go. Is that an issue?

Sorry about my delay - had to drive into work this morning. She more than likely still has some irritation in her bowels and that is making her feel like she has to go. She doesn't have any fecal material really built up yet to go. Hopefully the metronidazole will help here to ease that irritation.