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My guinea pig Charlie was dxd with conjunctivitis in late

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My guinea pig Charlie was dx'd with conjunctivitis in late April. It took 2 weeks to clear up with systemic doxycycline, prednisilone eye drops and tobramyacin eye drops. About 1 weeks ago, I noticed his eye bulging out a little again. I began treating again with the drops. I didn't seem to change. I wasn't getting any better and was starting to get very pink in the sclera and very inflammed. Charlie was acting irritated when anyone came around him. He did not want the other guinea pig near him, and usually they are playmates. I brought him to the exoitc vet by my house (this was the second one I have been too because the first one just gave me Baytril and it didn't help). So since it was bulging even more and became pink, he gave me dexamethasone eyedrops 2x day. So the next day (this past Wed.), I noticed the eye had a grey splotch and a cloudy appearance. I brought him in to yet a third exotics doctor, and he stained the eye and found a pretty good sized ulcer on the cornea. He did an oral exam and did not see any molars that seemed irritated or infected, but said it is hard to tell without anesthesia. He said since he is still eating and drinking, he doesn't think it was a tooth issue because He prescribed Baytril, Metacam, and Neo/Poly/Bac ointment 3-5/day. He said my G.Pig may lose his eye. He did not have any pupilary light reflex. He theorized that he could have an infection or abscess putting pressure on the optic nerve. I am wondering if the Bayrtril, ointment, and warm compresses are the maximum treatment we can do right now. I would really love to save the eye. I am a certified vet tech so I know what he is talking about, however, I am not trained in exotics. I know with dogs some ulcers can heal, but most of the time I have seen poor results and clients have to resort to enucleation. I just want to know if my pig will have a chance of saving this eye. I don't want to put him through all this just to have his eye out in the end. There is only one other well known exotics dr. in Illinois, and I don't want to go to ANOTHER doctor if this current vet is doing the best treatment out there for him. I am hoping an exotic vet can give me his/her opinion and share what he/she has seen in these cases. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Ellen
Hello, I'm Dr Gary. I've been practicing veterinary medicine since 2007. I look forward to helping with your questions/ concerns.

It sounds like you have tried a lot to save this eye. Unfortunately, it may be an ulcer that has turned into uveitis (inflammation behind the eye) and potentially even glaucoma now as the eye seems to be blind. I would try to get intra-ocular pressures to see if they are elevated (glaucoma) or decreased (uveitis). That will guide treatment a bit more.

I would definitely not use any more steroid drops in the eye. Steroids will make the ulcer worse. I would stick with Neo-Poly-Gram as an antibiotic drop and also add Flurbiprofen as an anti-inflammatory drop for pain. I would also use either Metacam or Buprenex as an oral pain med.

If the eye is not improving in 5-7 days with that therapy, then I would consider removal of the eye. If you find that there is glaucoma right now, then I would just remove it now. A glaucoma eye with a negative PLR (pupillary light reflex) is a blind eye. The only point of treatment then is cosmetic as the vision will not return. I would just remove it to make him comfortable.

I hope this helps give you some other ideas, let me know if you have any other questions.

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