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Hello, I have a ~2 month old Russian dwarf hamster who had

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Hello, I have a ~2 month old Russian dwarf hamster who had a fight with a sibling about a month ago. He had bites and scratches all around his bottom and lower abdomen and eventually lost a toe due to the bites as well. Aside from that, he seemed to be healing well and almost back to normal until I brought him home from college a week ago. The second night back, he started squeaking and crying out. I couldn't see anything visibly wrong with him but kept a close eye on him anyway. Within a couple of days, a small hole above his private area could be seen, around the same area some of the scratches and bites had been. He's been sleeping more than usual and cleaning the wound constantly when he is awake, which seems to aggravate it and cause him to cry out. Could one of the bites have become infected so long after the fight? And if so, what can I do for him on my own, before taking him to a vet?

Welcome to Justanswer,

My Name is XXXXX XXXXX I am a Vet Tech for 30+ years. I would be happy to help you with Sprinkles. It is possible the the area you see may have been abscessed. When a puncture would seals, it can trap bacteria in it. When this happens the bacteria eventually works to the surface creating an open sore which can oooze infection and be very painful, especially in the area you have described. What you can try is some warm compresses on the area for 5 mins on and 10 mins off several times a day. Once you have completed the compresses take some diluted Betadine Solution and warm water to clean the area, dry well and apply some plain Neosporin to the wound. This should aid with infection and healing. If this does not help within 3-4 days then Sprinkles will need to see an Experienced Hamster or Exotic Vet. They will be able to administer some Hamster safe antibiotics to help clear the infection. This is a link for Rodent Vets: Please place the word member in each box. Please let me know if you have further questions where I can assist you with Sprinkles. Joan

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you so much! I'll try the compresses on him now. And thank you for recommending Neosporin. I've tried finding online whether it can be used on a dwarf or not and found differing opinions, so was wary of using it on him.

As far as antibiotics go, would it be safe to use Keflex for him?


We do use a thin layer of Neosporin on wounds on Hamsters and it is safe. As far as antibiotics, they do need to be prescribed by a Vet. it is illegal to suggest any antibiotics without a hands on relationship. This is a link for Medications that are safe for Hamsters:


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