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Hi- My dog has really bad seasonal allergies. Her ears are

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Hi- My dog has really bad seasonal allergies. Her ears are always red, but I have brought her in numerous times, and they checked for an ear infection and said besides the redness her ears are otherwise clean. Her paws are also red, because with the allergies she is constantly chewing at her feet. She is an otherwise healthy happy dog. She just gets really bad allergies around Spring/Summer. My doctor said that we could try something called Temaril-P which is a antihistamine and a Steriod together. I am very nervous about putting her on a strong medication. Do you think I should put her on this medication or continue to do JUST what I am doing (applying Hydrocortisone cream, bathing her in a oatmeal/aloe shampoo) and giving her a half of a 25mg tablet of Benedryl when needed?

Drew : Hello, welcome to JustAnswer! I am a licensed veterinarian, and I'll be happy to help you in any way I can.
Drew : Temaril-P is generally a very well tolerated medicine, but it's not a long-term management strategy because it does contain a steroid.
Drew : We typically avoid the long term use of steroids whenever possible, in order to reduce the side effects of treatment.
Drew : Since the problem is only seasonal, I'd suggest approaching this by starting a fish oil supplement and an antihistamine in late winter, continuing it all through the spring/summer, with intermittent short-term use of temaril-P for 3-5 days at a time, as needed.
Drew : there is another option, Atopica, which has many of the benefits of the steroid with fewer side effects, so that may be worth asking your veterinarian about.
Drew : Atopica is somewhat expensive, but is generally well tolerated.
Drew : I would not be nervous about using Temaril-P for intermittent, short-term usage, if that's all that's needed.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
My Doctor prescribed her the Temaril for 7 days. I am just very nervous about giving her a steriod treatment. Would just doing a Fish Oil Supplement and a antihistamine be sufficient enough? The Doctor said she ahs seen her skin worse, and this is not the worst she has seen. I just try to limit the meds when possible as I dont want her getting any side effects. She doesnt seem to be effected by the allergies. Should I not go with Temaril and just stick with over the counter?
Nobody can answer whether that combination will be "sufficient" for your dog, as each dog is an individual and will respond with varying degrees of success.

The only way to answer that, is to try it, and see how things go. If it doesn't give an acceptable level of comfort, then the next step up will be the Temaril.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I understand that... is this something you commonly see? Red ears, itchy skin? She does not have hot spots, and loss of hair. She just has redness in various spots of her body. Do alot of people just treat by over the counter, or is it better to treat with antibiotics/steriods?
Yes, skin and ear inflammation is one of the more common issues I see in dogs, especially at this time of year.

Again, I cannot stress enough, that each patient is an individual, and the same treatment is not suitable for each patient. Milder cases will often improve with over the counter medicines, but if no improvement is noted within 1-2 weeks, then more powerful prescription medicines will be needed.
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