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What about mothers milk when her 4 kittens are removed from

Customer Question

What about mothers milk when her 4 kittens are removed from her box ? This box is one of a row of 5 boxes for cats just outside my back door, She had taken 2 of them to a very old and wet shed at the bottom of my garden (totally dangerous place ) and intending to take the others. I brought all 4 of them indoors, put them in a deep cardboard box with soft covering for them to lie on, after a few minutes of play fight they settled sown for a warm nap. They are 31 days old, very healthy and active, serious question - as mum is a stray still only about 1year old, she will NOT entertain coming to live indoors (I would love her to do so ) what will be the best for me to do regarding her nipples still full of milk ? I have considered putting the kittens back in the box for short periods but do not want to leave them as she may want to remove them again. She was only very tiny herself when she first appeared last year and stayed, being fed and was "raped "in Jan, finally choosing one of the boxes to have her kittens. She is a wonderful mother, letting me look at her family daily and checking the bedding, with no sign of wetting or faeces, keeping babies and herself immaculately clean. I think I lost her trust in me by letting a possible future owner handle the babies. Your advice is needed please. Irene xxxx

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Pet
Expert:  Candy replied 4 years ago.
Hello, Thank you for caring about these little ones. I would love to help I just have a few additional questions.

Will mom come in the house even for a few minutes now that you have brought in the babies?

Are the little ones eating any solid foods or are they still only nursing?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So sorry to keep you waiting -- I telephoned a local animal welfare society and after hearing my problems re these babies and their mother, they asked the same questions that you have just asked

no Mum will not under any circumstances come into the house ( she appeared last year when she herself was a very small kitten and on the one occasion when I picked her up to bring her indoors she went mental trying to jump through a plate glass window )

No the kittens are not eating yet, I tried with a drop of milk after bringing them indoors but some of them clamped their tiny jaws so tight.

Mum keeps going back to the shed and then to her box and she does not trust me now, backing off when i try to stroke her.

Result of the telephone call, the supervisor asked me to get them all in a cat carrier and someone will come in the morning to collect them, look after until they are fully weaned - and finally neuter the mother before returning her to me.

This will take away all the worries I have had today ( I gave birth to a stillborn in 1974 so know how much pain she will be having due to her supply of milk ) also as I was planning to have her neutered after they were weaned - it has taken the pressure and worry from me. I do thank you for reading of my concerns and you are very welcome to the small deposit I paid.

Thank you very much,

Irene xxxx

Expert:  Candy replied 4 years ago.
I am so sorry for the delay I went out with my children for Mothers day.

I am so glad you were able to contact the local shelter and they are going to help you. It will be much better for her to be spayed to or she will have another litter very soon as they tend to get pregnant back to back poor things.

I feel so bad for them when they are so afraid that they shy away and do not like to be indoors. I have a little feral kitty that I brought in 3 years ago and she still hides and will only come out at night when only I am awake and no one but me can touch her and it just breaks my heart. Thankfully the kittens are young enough that they will quickly get used to the human touch and not be so afraid.

I am also happy to hear they are going to bring momma back to you I think you will see a big difference in her once she is spayed but it may take a few days for her to adjust when she returns.

THank you so much for letting me know what was happening and please know that I am always here if you need me.Thank you again for taking care of these kitties.