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My English Mastiffis due to have her puppies soon. She is 3

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My English Mastiffis due to have her puppies soon. She is 3 years old and this is her second litter. My question is , since the owner of the male didn't see the dogs tie up,I don't know exactly what day she is due. What signs should I be looking for? please be specific because I do work and if she is showing signs I will need to call my boss. Thank you.

Hi there! My name isXXXXX and congrats on the puppies that will soon be arriving. How exciting! Here are the main things I usually tell my clients to watch for:
I usually say that taking her temp to guess when the puppies are coming is not very accurate. Each bitch can vary her temperature differently so I do not feel this is very accurate. But it would not hurt to monitor the temp and if you see her normal temp drop to below 100 this usually means she is starting labor within 24 hours.
Usually one of the first things you will notice is that mom is no longer wanting to eat her food. They usually seem to stop wanting to eat a day or so before the puppies come. You may notice her teats being more swollen because of milk now becoming available. When labor is getting closer you will notice her becoming uncomfortable and in "labor" pains. She will be licking at her vulva. They don't necessarily lay down either she may get up and walk around and lay down and get up and walk around and this is all because of the discomfort caused by labor. The puppies will be coming soon. When the first puppy is being delivered you will notice a darker colored sack coming from the vulva which will eventually break (this is the water breaking) and this is signaling the puppy is coming! I hope this helps and good luck! If you have any other questions please let me know .
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