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our dachshund had disk surgery in mid January.. but still

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our dachshund had disk surgery in mid January.. but still is hunched and has a tight abdomen..muscles on the side of his tummy are rock hard. His surgeon checked him out on March 26 because we were concerned about his recovery and was acting like he did before surgery. He thought he looked pretty good and suggested to get him moving more on he hasn't been moving much since his crate rest of 6 weeks - but that doesnt seem to be helping. we are concerned that he is in pain and may have another disk problem.. though the doctor didnt think it would be that. He thought it maybe could be scar tissue built up which could be bothering him. He did prescribe gava pentin for pain to give for a couple of weeks and then try one week without it.. Anyway don't you think we should do another mri to see what's going on? He wouldn't be so hunched and have such tight muscles if he wasn't in pain right? Is he hunched because of back pain or lack of using his back legs..Or do you think he needs more therapy than just walking? wondering what to do..
Hi there! My name isXXXXX and I am sorry to hear about Potter. If he is not having any neurologic deficits (loss of rear limb use, weakness, dragging feet etc) then he may not necessarily have another disk issue. He could be having muscular pain that is resulting in the same clinical signs. Often times dogs that "tweek" their backs will have tense and hard abdomens and walk with a hunched back. This though does require limited exercise, pain meds such as rimadyl and tramadol, and most important a muscle relaxant like methocarbamol. If he starts showing any signs of neurologic changes that is when another MRI should be performed. Otherwise I would focus on pain control and also discuss visiting a canine physical therapist to help. Often times they do need more therapy than walking such as swimming, muscle stimulation, passive and active range of motion, laser therapy. . . etc. I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any further questions.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thanks.. the vet did do some tests on him, moving his back legs, feeling down his spine was probably thinking the same thing. Do you think this tightness will go away with time and therapy like you mentioned. I would hate to have him on muscle relaxants indefinitely. He does seem to have weakness in his back legs - walks gently on them and wobbly a bit like before and wants to plop down and sit alot - similar to before surgery. Hopefully it is the muscle thing and he can improve..

Yes i definitely think the tightness will go away with time and therapy. Usually i prescribe muscle relaxants for a maximum of two weeks and they definitely feel better while on them until they start to heal. Its possible that the weakness still remains from the previous disk issue and now this issue has made it flare back up. If at any time the weakness worsens then I would push your vet to do the advanced imaging to make sure there isn't another disk. But i would do some PT and medications at this point and stay in close contact with your surgeon.
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Hi Janice,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Potter. How is everything going?

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