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I have a guinea pig thats has a large lump on his nose. It

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I have a guinea pig that's has a large lump on his nose. It has been diagnosed with ringworm and I have a spray which I have been using since Monday but it doesn't look any smaller.
Hello again,

I'm sorry to hear Squinty is having a problem. Some additional information will be helpful.

Is the lump on his nose round? Does it look like this photo?


How was the diagnosis made - visual exam, skin scraping, etc.?

Was the vet you saw familiar with guinea pigs or was he/she a vet who sees mostly dogs and cats?

How long has the lump been there?

Thank you.

Are there any other growths on him?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hello. The lump is round and is the same as the photo. We only got squinty last Saturday so I don't know how long the lump has been there. It is bigger than the photo growth. The vet is used to guinea pigs and diagnosed by looking. Squinty says hi.
Thank you for getting back to me. I send my greetings to Squinty. I wish I could tell you something else to try, but since you had a vet familiar with guinea pigs make the diagnosis and prescribe treatment, the bets thing to do is continue the spray for as long as the vet told you to.

Without doing a skin scraping, it's possible this isn't ringworm, even though it looks like it is. Sometimes bacterial infections can look similar. If you finish the whole course of treatment and still get no improvement, you can try an antibiotic cream, such as Neosporin. Don't use it the same time as the antifungal medication. If you reach this point, use plain antibiotic cream, not the kind with pain relief medicine in it. Place only a thin coat on the lump once per day. If that doesn't help within a week, you'll need to go back to the vet. A skin scraping can be done. It may also be necessary to do a culture to determine what medication will be most effective. A topical or oral medication may be needed.

If you are using a wood-based or corn cob bedding/litter, I recommend switching to a paper-based one, such as CareFresh. The other types can be irritating when there is a skin problem.

Skin problems can be difficult to diagnose and treat, and sometimes several things have to be tried before one will work. If you have more questions, let me know by clicking on REPLY. I wish Squinty a speedy recovery.


Please be sure to rate only SMILEY FACES to complete this transaction, or, if you need more help, click on REPLY and let me know what else you need. Thank you.
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Hi Glen,



I'm just following up on our conversation about Squinty. I hope the medication has worked by now. There's no need to reply to this message unless you need something else.



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks for your interest. Yesterday squints nose was bloody just above his lump. I thought he had been fighting with his brothers. The lump has been getting smaller more so round the base. This morning the lump has come off. The skin under where the lump was looks a bit sore in a couple of places but not too bad. should I take him to the vet for a check up?
Thanks for the update. The fact that the lump came off may indicate healing. Continue to put plain Neosporin, or just some petroleum jelly (Vaseline) on it over the weekend. If the sore areas don't improve by Monday, I would then take him back to the vet.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Squinty and friends are doing well. My wife is concerned that they may get cold at night in their hutch (palace) she puts a hot water bottle in with them but would like to know what else she can do. We could bring them in at night but they have lots of running room in their hutch and they seem to like moving about a lot. They are very spoilt. I wondered if a uv lamp would be good in their sleeping quarters ? The guinea pigs get treated better than me. :-)
I'm glad to hear they are doing well. How low does the temperature drop in their hutch?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I don't know
Thank you. The first step would be to sue a thermometer to find out how cold it gets. Guinea pigs will be all right with temperatures down to about 45*F over night. If it gets colder than that, you'll want to provide supplemental heat, or bring them indoors for the winter. It's not good to move them in and out if there's a big temperature difference between outside and in your house. If the daytime temperatures outdoors are in the 60*'s, it would be all right to bring them in for the night. Temperature changes are stressful, and can lead to illness. If you choose to sue alight for heat, never put it where the guinea pigs can reach it. They could be burned by the bulb or chew on the wires and be electrocuted. What kind of light to use depends on how cold it gets. Infrared lights can provide too much heat if it isn't extremely cold. If you only need mild warming, any incandescent bulb will do. Fluorescent lights don't put out enough heat to make a difference. All lights provide some sort of UV, usually UVA. If you're referring to the special UVB lights sold for reptiles, you would be wasting your money. Those lights don't put out any heat, but just the special UVB rays that reptiles need. A better choice would be one of the ceramic heat emitters that put out no light, only heat. Again, it would need to be kept out of reach of the guinea pigs. I live where temperatures can drop below zero, so have always brought my guinea pigs in during the winter. You'll have to make your decision based on the climate in your area.

If you need anything else, don't hesitate to ask.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I have seen heat pads used for reptiles would one of these do. I could fit under the floorboards of their sleeping quarters where it would be out of the way.
Yes, those pads do give off an even gentle heat. do make sure you don't compress them under the boards, as that can be a fire hazard. They are made to go under an aquarium tank or light weight cage, so they can take some weight, but shouldn't be crushed.

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