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Andrea Roberts
Andrea Roberts, Veterinarian
Category: Pet
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Experience:  15 years as a companion animal veterinarian; BVMS and MRCVS.
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what happens whena guinea pig is give a dose of medicne the

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what happens whena guinea pig is give a dose of medicne the size of 1 and a half small siringes full in a fst time frame of about 20 seconds, not slowly drop by drop but forced fast into the animal. we took a guines pig to the vet and this happened and within 10 minutes she was juming around fast and opening her mouth wide and squealing and the next thing she was dead.

Hi there

I'm afraid it sounds as if this little guinea pig may have suffered something we call an 'aspiration'- which means that the fluid entered the windpipe and went down into the lungs, instead of entering the oesophagus(food pipe) and going into the stomach.

The way you describe her mouth open wide sounds as if she was gasping for breath, which the fluid in her airway may have been preventing.

Guinea pigs cannot swallow large quantities of liquid quickly, and so it is possible for fluid to enter the lungs if it is instilled too quickly.

I hope this is helpful

Best wishes Andrea

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
was there anything i could have done when she was gasping like that and moving around like she was. she went from not eating or moving actively to jumping and crawling all over. from the time she was given the medicine to time she passed away was less than 10 minutes. when a dose of that much medicine should it have been given very slowly drop by drop and over a lot longer time frame

Ideally it should be given in small increments, as drops rather than squirted in as one dose.

Its unlikely that anything you could have done would have helped- occasionally giving mouth to mouth (or oxygen if at the vets) can help-but in most cases these little guys die of a combination of shock and aspiration of fluid. I'm so sorry that you lost your little guinea pig. Andrea

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