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ferret: my male..weight and hair, green water poop..old male

Resolved Question:

my male ferret is 5 yr old and will not eat, lose of weight and hair, green water poop, and will not play with my 6mo old male ferret is he ok
Submitted: 7 years ago via PetPlace.
Category: Pet
Expert:  Anna replied 7 years ago.

Some additional information will help me to answer your question.

What were the reasons you took your ferret to the vet (on the day they gave him the rabies shot)?

On what parts of the body is ferret losing hair?

Thank you.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
losing hair on his tale. My wife and I brought him to the vet because of the hair lose and he felt really light 2.5 lbs. (at that time he was playing and he was eating.)
Expert:  Anna replied 7 years ago.
Thank you for getting back to me. I'm sorry that you and your ferret are going through this. I assume the vet you saw was not familiar with ferrets. One of the most common causes of the type of hair loss you've described is adrenal disease, and the vet should have known that. Tumors grow on the adrenal gland, resulting in hyperadrenalcorticism - too much cortisone. This causes the ferret to start losing hair on the back near the base of the tail. The hair loss eventually spreads forward on the body. The disease is cured by removal of the glands. The success rate is good.

Here's where you can read more about it: Link

A sick animal should never be given a vaccination - this is clearly stated on the label instructions that accompany the vaccines. There is nothing you can do at home for adrenal disease. At this point, you need a good ferret vet. At the following site, you can enter your zip code to find a ferret vet: Link

Until you can get to a vet, you'll need to do some things to support your ferret. If you can get some Pedialyte (made for human infants and available in discount stores and pharmacies), use a syringe to put some in the side of his mouth. For the first hour, give some every 10 minutes. After that, give some once per hour. If you can't get Pedialyte tonight, use plain water in the same way.

In you can feed your ferret some "duck soup," which will help to fortify him. Mix well:

One can Sustacal 8oz (this is non-dairy)
One can water
4oz dry food -soaked in enough water to soften completely
1 jar chicken baby food

You can also add mashed banana, electrolytes (Pedialyte or powdered electrolytes made to be added to water), and any supplements you want to give. If your ferret isn't eating well, you can feed him the duck soup with a syringe.

There's also a product called Oxbow Critical Care that you can feed. However, you probably can't get any of that tonight.

I hope you're able to quickly find a ferret vet and get treatment started. Since a holiday weekend is coming up, it would be a good idea to try to see a vet tomorrow. Your ferret is very sick, and it wouldn't be good to wait until next week. If you have further questions about this, just let me know by clicking on REPLY. I hope your ferret will reach a full recovery.


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