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what can I give my rabbit for pain (since the vet wont give

Customer Question

what can I give my rabbit for pain (since the vet won't give her anything). Please don't tell me to see another vet as there are none in my area that specialize AT ALL with exotics. She has an abscess under her eye and she is on Bicillen 1 x every other day, 3 doses so far, but she needs something for pain. The Doc won't prescribe Metacam. Is there something else that is OTC that I can give her that is safe. Also what dose, need to mix in honey as she hates all pills. I know how delicate rabbits are as I was a wildlife rehabilitator but never have I worked with abscesses around the eye area. I can see swelling now also around her eye. The vet thinks this will disipate with the bicillen. She had an abscess under her chin about 4 years ago which I lanced and used 1/2 saline and 1/2 peroxide to clean as it made the pus a bit more fluid (like toothpaste) and she has never had a problem since then. The onset of this came about in one day and is affecting only one eye. I am afraid to drain it as the eye is just too delicate. Will the bicillen help with this? Her teeth are fine ( the vet also comfirmed) but as I said he works with cats and dogs and not house rabbits. We love her so much. She is a white California Giant rescue that we have had for so long, It is worth more than $9.00 for an answer but right now we have had many challenges and can't afford hardly anything. Thanks for any advice. Can a vet do a consult via telephone and prescribe metacam? OR can i get from a feed supply? I have never used metacam but have heard that rabbits can tolerate it and not to give aspirin or other meds. Thank you so much.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Pet
Expert:  Animal Eyes replied 7 years ago.
I'm sorry that your bunny is having problems. Unfortunately rabbit abcesses don't respond well to antibiotics because they tend to be encapsulated which makes it very difficult for medication to reach. Without being able to open the abcess and clean it out will make it take much longer to disipate if the antibiotics work. Vets are unable to prescribe medication online because there has been no physical exam which is required by law for them. Metacam can be used in rabbits although it is an off label use. Your vet can prescribe it to you for your rabbit. For right now using cold compresses will help a little with inflammation. You can also use aspirin to help the pain but you don't want to mix it other NSAIDs or steroids so be aware of time between using them. I am sending you a link that you can give to your vet that shows various medications that can be used on rabbits and dosage requirements. I hope this helps.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I am sorry, I already have the safe medicine web address as well as I also have knowledge of abscesses being resistant to antiobiotics but also know that studies have been done with bicillen that have shown incredible results for this problem. I am still in the same boat as I as before I answered the question so the best thing for me is to call a vet that I know out of this area entirely.

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