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My cats are having loose stools and occasionally I find stools

Resolved Question:

My cats are having loose stools and occasionally I find stools outside the litter box. I have even moved one of the boxes to the location that was being used. Do I need to change cat food? Do they have a parasite? Or is there a training issue?
Submitted: 7 years ago via PetPlace.
Category: Pet
Expert:  Cheryl K. replied 7 years ago.
Yes you should first try a bland diet of cooked rice and boiled chicken for the next two days to get their digestive tract back to normal then I would sugest you try a different food such as a prescription cat food that you can find at all pet stores for digestive tract issues. I find that Science Diet or Hill's works well. I would also have their stools tested to rule out a parasite as well. If you have a good relationship with your vet alot of them will allow you to just bring in a stool sample so you do nt have to bring your pet in. As far as having more than one cat alot of times they do not like to have their litter boxes near each other so I would seperate them as much as you can. Do let me know if you have any further questions.
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