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Why would my rabbit be losing hair on his back

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Why would my rabbit be losing hair on his back?

Thanks for your question. In order to best help you I have a couple of questions for you.

Is the fur coming out in clumps?

Do you see any flakes on the skin or other skin problems?

Is he acting/eating okay normally etc?

What is his diet?

Thanks, XXXXX
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

One large area where hair came out -over about a 2 week period - did not see any

clump of hair.

Slight rash where hair is out.

Acting normal.

Rabbit food and some fresh veggies

1. Normal molt. Rabbits tend to molt every 3 months or so, though they aren't always very noticeable. They can molt in different ways. Some start at their head and work there way back, some are a stripe down there back to start.   Some molt slowly, some seem to blow their coat overnight. Bald patches are not uncommon with a heavy molt. You should start to see hair re-growing in just a week or two. During this time, make sure you try to brush him and remove some of the hair. Since they are excellent groomers, he will be ingesting more hair than normal and sometimes this can cause gi problems. Make sure he is eating lots of fresh grass hays like timothy or bermuda as this is very important for their gi tract health.

2. Skin parasite called Cheyletiella. Rabbits can get this fur mite and it can cause hair loss or a thinning hair coat over the back especially at the nape of the neck of the tail head area. You can't see the mite with the naked eye but a skin sample can be collected and examined at the vets. So, if it is not a normal molt and you don't see the hair coming back in soon, he should be examined by a vet.

3. Other things like ringworm (fungal infection). We can occasionally see this in rabbits, but this is not very common.

If you want to, you can take a picture of him and post it. You can use the tree icon on the JA tool bar.
If you need anything else, just let me know.

Dr. G
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