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Category: Pet
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my koi fish have white bumps on them what is wrong with them

Customer Question

my koi fish have white bumps on them what is wrong with them and how do i treat it. also i have located them into another area of the pond to do repairs on leaks and one keeps trying to jump out and hits the gate i have placed on top of the pond will this hurt him and what can i do to relax them so they are not so stressed
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Pet
Expert:  TROPICAL FISH AFICIONADO replied 8 years ago.

Your koi appears to be suffering from either a bacterial or viral condition. If the white bumps would have given the fish the appearance of being sprikled by salt then the diagnosis would have been the Ick parasite but these are bumps and not as many as would appear had it been Ick.


The first thing that should be done is to test the water for levels of ammonia, nitrites and nitrates. Results should indicate ammonia and nitrites=-0- and nitrates 20 ppm or lower.

Testing is always the best first step because many fish ailments arise as a result of unfavorable water conditions. If you don't have a test kit handy then a water sample can be brought to your local pond store where they will usually test for free. I don't suspect a water quality problem but it should always be ruled out first.


After testing the water and confirming it's ok add some pond salt, see link below for example. The pond salt will serve as a general tonic and fights off many toxins. Just follow the directions on the product label for dosage.


Once the water has been tested and the pond salt added begin treating the pond with a medicine called Tetra Pond Pond Fish Treatment, see link below. It's desigend to treat a variety of ailments and will not harm the other pond inhabitants.


If the bumps are viral in nature then the Tetra treatment will be inert but if they're bacterial in nature both the Tetra treatment and salt should effect a cure. There are no viral medications available to treat fish. Many viruses will go away on their own as is the case with humans. Also it's possible that the stress of the pond repair is causing this reaction in the Koi.


As for the Koi hitting the gate when it jumps, yes this could hurt the fish particularily it's outer slime coat which is a fish's first natural line of defense. I would recommend placing a net over the pond instead of a gate as the impact would be lessened.


The best way to avoid stress would be to try and shield the part of the pond that the fish are inhabiting. I know this might be difficult to accomplish but the movement, vibrations and unpredictibility of the repairs will continue to stress them thus lowering their immune system making it easier for them to succumb to disease.


Best wishes and please let me know if you have any questions.



TROPICAL FISH AFICIONADO and other Pet Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

i will test the water and add salt when the repairs are done. the bumps have been on the fish we just started the repairs today so i don't think it is from that. i tried puting a netting but the fish are so large they were jumping and throwing the netting off so i had to add something stronger. in my area there are alot of raccoons that will eat them if i don't use strong covering. thankyou for your response and i will be sure to test the water for any ammonia that might be showing and also the ph level. thanks for your advise hope to solve this problem and get my pond up and running soon.

Expert:  TROPICAL FISH AFICIONADO replied 8 years ago.

You're most welcome.


You mentioned that you tried netting and the fish were throwing the netting off.

I don't know exactly how the netting was prepared but you'd need to anchor the netting with something quite strong. Now if you still encounter problems with anchoring the netting try and put some kind of non-toxic cushion/buffer on the gate if possible.


As the bumps had appeared before repairs began then there's definitely something in the water that's causing the problem. In addition to checking for levels of ammonia, nitrites, ph and nitrates, check for the presence of heavy metals.


Thanks for your accept and I wish you all the best.