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My cat was in heat about 2 weeks ago. Now she is again acting

Resolved Question:

My cat was in heat about 2 weeks ago. Now she is again acting like she is back in heat again. What should I do to relax her? No spay.
Submitted: 8 years ago via PetPlace.
Category: Pet
Expert:  Theresa replied 8 years ago.
This ends up being something you will have to tolerate since you don't want to have her spayed. Cats cycle all the time and are literally in heat every 2 weeks until they are bred though some might stop over the winter months. There are stories of inserting a qtip into the vulva but all this really does is increases the risk of infection. She is already at high risk of developing a serious life threatening uterine infection because she is not spayed so she really doesn't need any help at all.

You can try feliway plug ins but this won't really change her hormones. Your vet may have hormone injections or hormone tablets to stop a heat cycle but many do not like to use these because of the high risks of bone marrow suppression and cancers.

The best way to calm a cat in heat is to have her spayed. Otherwise she will continue to come into heat every 2-4 weeks for the rest of her life and she is at high risk of developing uterine cancer and infection as well as breast cancer. Otherwise if she mates then the heat will stop until she delivers then it will start over again.

Please let me know if further assistance is needed.

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