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which human antibotics are suitable for cats uti

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which human antibotics are suitable for cats uti?
Good morning-

There are a few drugs that we commonly use for routine feline UTIs. The most commonly used are Amoxicillin and Clavamox, which are dosed at approximately 6 mg/lb (so an average 12 lb cat usually gets 62.5 mg orally twice a day). I prefer Clavamox, as it has a broader spectrum and seems to more consistently work for kitty UTIs. The form that we use is basically the human pediatric drug. Some cats, however, will develop severe nausea when taking the drug. The other drug that we use commonly is Baytril, which is not a human drug, only veterinary approved. And we also use a variety of other drugs less commonly, as indicated by culture and sensitivity testing.

That being said, it is always highly recommended that a complete urinalysis be performed prior to choosing to treat with antibiotics. This is because, especially in cats, not all animals showing UTI symptoms have an infection. Common symptoms of UTI in cats are increased frequency of urination, straining to urinate, blood in urine, and decreased volume of urine. Other common causes for these symptoms are crystals in the urine and behavioral problems to a lesser degree. These problems are not treated with antibiotics, at least not solely. And even if bacterial cystitis is diagnosed, a culture may need to be performed prior to initiation of treatment depending on the type of bacteria noted on the urinalysis. This is due to the increasing prevalence of bacterial resistance to antibiotics. If the culture is not performed prior to starting antibiotics, then if the antibiotic is not effective, you only have two choices. One is to keep changing antibiotics blindly until you find the one that works. The other is to take the cat off of antibiotics for 10 days prior to performing a culture. Both of these can be frustrating and very time consuming.

So, to sum up my answer, Clavamox is a good human drug to use for routine UTIs in cats. However, even though I'm a vet and know the signs of a UTI quite well, I would never initiate antibiotic treatment without performing a urinalysis on my own cat.

I hope this helps.

Sincerely, XXXXX
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