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My cat has got two bald patches on his back, both at similar

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My cat has got two bald patches on his back, both at similar heights on either side of his spine, there doesn't appear to be any cuts, grazes or signs of bites etc and no wounds are present, can you advise on what has caused this and if there is anything I need to do. I've just been on holiday for a week but he has had a pet sitter come in twice a day, thought I'd mention this as not sure if it is related. Thankyou. Diane



Can you take a picture and post it her on the website?

Is he itchy?

Have you left him before like this, does he get stressed?

Do you have any other animals in the house?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi Candy


I have left him before but not for a while, usually one night here and there. He is quite an itchy scratchy cat, I generally brush him every day when I can as he seems to love it. He doesn't have fleas, I use flea treatment on him monthly, Frontline. I can take a picture but how do I post it to you? Stress wise, I don't think he gets stressed, although I do believe he loves company.

To post a picture just click the button in the box where you type that looks like a tree. It should let you attach a picture here.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I've just had a look around the outside of the patch, and it is a little red around the rim. I've taken two pictures, one of the wound and one of Filo so you can see where it is located, although he wasn't vegraphicry happy that I woke him up!
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
This shows the location and size better, the other is same height on the other side of his back.graphic

If your cat is itchy, it can be something like ringworm (fungal infection) or allergies. On rare occasion cats will have demodex mange. It is not contagious.


I only got the one picture that is of the lesion itself.


Other possibilities are trauma, like the cat hid under something and scraped those places. Cats can also sometimes lick these places and actually lick the hair off. Since you are home you can watch and see if he was licking at the area or not.


Here is a website that talks about alopecia (missing hair) in cats. The best thing is to have your vet examine him to make sure what the cause is. Ringworm is something that is contagious to people and needs to be treated.


Dr. Candy

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I do see the second picture. He does look unhappy that you woke him up :)