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One of our two new guinea pigs escaped into the garage while

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One of our two new guinea pigs escaped into the garage while our children were getting it out of the hutch. We have left the hutch open, with food & hay and locked the garage (taking the other guinea pig into the house in a secure box with air holes for the time being). Is there anything else we can do to catch it ?
Even if you leave it open with food he is probably going to go in to eat then leave. You can put some flour on the floor of the garage to see where his foot prints go so that way you will know where his hiding spot is. So go ahead with leaving the cage open with food and water...but try to leave flour all around it so his tracks are easy to find.

I saw that you also posted on the cat forum. I will try to cancel that question for you.
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.


It was comforting to get a reply last night and we did put flour around the hutch - while we were doing this, we saw the guinea pig (although not near enough to catch it), so at least we knew it was still in the garage.

We looked this morning- saw some blobs where the guinea pig had disturbed the flour, but no idea which direction it went in.

Later this morning, we managed to corner it in the garage and have now caught it.

One other idea we had as a last resort was to to use a live rat trap that catches a rodent alive and conscious so it can be released elsewhere.This was as a last resort & we hadn't got one by the time we caught the guinea pig. They are both safe & sound & cuddled up together indoors now.