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Candy W.
Candy W., Veterinarian
Category: Pet
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Hello~ My cow wont eat.Normally she is a good eater. She is

Customer Question

Hello~ My cow won't eat.Normally she is a good eater. She is not showing signs of bloat, she pees and just had a fecal movement. She just wants to walk a bit then lays down, gets up and walks and right to laying again. She is open not bred.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Pet
Expert:  Candy W. replied 8 years ago.

What is her normal diet?


Are there pieces of metal or old farm equipment or old fencing in the pasture?


Any diarrhea or stool down the back legs and tail?


Any trouble breathing, coughing, snotty nose, breathing harder?


Any limping when she does walk?


Is she thin, can you see her ribs?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
1. Paulette eatsRye grass am/pm and out to pasture for exercise in the day. Pasture is pretty well ate up and dry nubs remain until next spring.
2. no we have a very clean pasture and her stall is clean too (we have show cattle and show horses)
3. Back of her legs are fine
4. clear snotty nose, but breathing normally
5. no limping
6. She is NOT thin by any means, our cattle are very spoiled. She gets top dress of show grain/Sho-Glo when she is going to be shown, no shows right now.
She did eat a bit of breakfast 2day, not her normal tho
Expert:  Candy W. replied 8 years ago.



If she is laying down alot she could have some foot pain, like founder, foot rot, or long hooves or some GI upset. Sometimes over conditioning can lead to founder and some GI issues. It is a good thing there is no metal around, cattle like to ingest that and it can migrate through the stomach. It doesn't sounds like she has pneumonia or diarrhea. Make sure her stool is not black and tarry, that could be a stomach ulcer.


I would probably take her in for an exam. The vet can do a physical exam, take her temp, and listen to gut sounds, heart and lungs, look at mucous membrane color, make sure she isn't dehydrated, and look at her feet. If they can't find anything, she may need bloodwork and a fecal exam (even though no diarrhea).


Does this help?


Dr. Candy