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Experience:  20+ yrs. experience in pet health care, breeder of English Mastiffs, barnyard, knowledgeable aquarium keeper.
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how long do bunnies live I have a big new zealand white bunny,

Customer Question

how long do bunnies live? I have a big new zealand white bunny, an english spot and a dwarf silver martin. Do smaller bunnies live longer? Or is it the same for all the breeds?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Pet
Expert:  Gina replied 9 years ago.



It does seem that smaller rabbits live longer than the larger ones. Also spaying and neutering has a big impact on how long they live...sometimes doubling their life span. I am not sure if yours are spayed/neutered so below is the life span of both. :)


New Zealand Whites live 5-6 years and up to 10 if altered


English Spots live about 8 years and up to 12 if altered.


And dwarfs 10 years up to 12 if altered.


So, if your bunnies are not altered, do discuss having them done with your vet. :) Good luck to you and your bunnies. :)

Customer: replied 9 years ago.

I had another new zealand white who was neutered when he was around 3 or so when I adopted him from the shelter. he lived to be over 7. Is that good?

Expert:  Gina replied 9 years ago.
I would say that is pretty good considering he was three when he got neutered. :) A lot does have to do with care, and it sounds to me like you are doing quite well :)
Customer: replied 9 years ago.

the english spot is going to be 12 soon. But I miss my first new zealand white. he passed away from an abscess. I brought him to the vet but he was not eating

Expert:  Gina replied 9 years ago.
Bunnies are very susceptable to infections but I am sure you did everything you could for him. New Zealands are such characters if raised in a family environment and I am sure he is soarly missed. You are doing REALLY well with the English Spot. :) Whatever you are doing, keep it up :) They are very lucky to have a caring owner. :)
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