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They live in the same cage since they were sisters...them mating

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A few weeks ago we bought 2 baby hamsters that we were told were both girls. They live in the same cage since they were sisters. I just caught them mating. Is that normal behavior or do I have a boy and a girl? I cant tell. But I dont want a bunch of babies! Help   Darcy
Hi Darcy,

This is not an uncommon problem for hamster owners. It's difficult to tell the gender of baby hamsters, so very often a person is sold two hamsters they're told are both female or both male, and then there are babies.

No, it's not normal behavior for hamsters of the same gender, so you most probably have a boy and a girl.

You can view some important information re: telling the gender of your hamsters, here:

First, I would suggest separating your hamsters at this time, until you're sure of their genders, then, if you do find you have a male and a female, and you saw them mating, the female is most likely pregnant.
To make sure both your hamsters are healthy, and to verify their genders, you can bring them to a vet who specializes in 'pocket pets', like hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, etc.

You can find more information re: pregnancy and delivery in hamsters, here:

I wish you much good luck!

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