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Walter, Breeder
Category: Pet
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Experience:  Breeder and pet health consultant. Have spent a number of years with Behavior Training &health care.
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My dog ate a small amount of marijuana but is showing ...

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My dog ate a small amount of marijuana but is showing effects like weak legs, very sedated, and kinda wobly even sitting down. He will come outside and run around a bit, but when he settles down he shows the signs. What should I do? He''s a 9 mo boston terrier.


Marijuana can be very toxic to dogs, you will need to get him in to see his vet asap. Marijuana can cause Prolonged CNS depression, respiratory depression, weakness, ataxia, sedation, and sometimes hyperexcitation.

Do not worry about the vet calling the police, they are not interested in recreational drug use. If it makes you feel better you can tell him that he picked it up at the local park. I would suggest getting him in tonight, you will need to watch him for signs of toxic reaction such as vomiting, diarrhea, excessive drolling, trouble breathing or dizzy confused actions.


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