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How do I get my seven weak old kitten to eat solid food My ...

Resolved Question:

How do I get my seven weak old kitten to eat solid food? My kitten was bottle fed from 2 days old, as the stray mother could not be found.
I have tried putting formula on my finger and having her lick it off. She doesn''t like doing this and will not lick from a bowl.
I have tried caned kitten food, softened crunching food and even hard cat food, she has no interest in any of these.
My vet''s office suggested putting a piece of canned kitte food in her mouth. All she does is spit it out. She will meow for about five minutes and then go to sleep. I do not want to continue to bottle feed her because of her age. When I do try to bottle feed her she tries to put the entire top of the bottle in her mouth, she gets very wild and starts wildly clawing at the bottle..
Please help, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Again,
Submitted: 9 years ago via PetPlace.
Category: Pet
Expert:  NancyH replied 9 years ago.
It will be hard but I'd suggest picking a canned and dry food and making it available to her along with fresh water and stop bottle feeding. You can also mix some formula with the canned food so it smells like food to her.
She isn't going to be happy about this. She may go hungry for a short while and she may complain a lot. But kittens face this when mom weans them too and end up learning to eat real food.
If you can't stand it and must give her a bottle don't give her enough to satisfy her. Either dilute the formula a lot or reduce the amount given so she is going to be hungry enough to try other things.
It can help a lot if you have another cat who eats cat food for her to imitate the behavior. If she watches you eating food then you might try a little taste of baby food chicken or beef on top of canned food to see if that will attract her. "Babies" are often most willing to try what "mom" eats. So the baby food meat might work.
Hope this helps you!
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