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my hampster as a lump on the side of its face and its ...

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my hampster as a lump on the side of its face and its been there for 3 days so i know its not food that she''s storing but i don''t have the money to bring her to a vet i am very concerned about it do you have any ideas of what it could be ?

The location of the lump means it could be an impacted cheek pouch. Hamsters tend to carry everything around in their pouches, and sometimes end up with something in a pouch that won't come out. Fluffy bedding or sticky foods are likely culprits. An impacted cheek pouch will show up as a lump on the lower neck or cheek. If it swells enough, it can even cause the eye to close partially or completely. There is nothing you can do at home to treat this - your hamster will need to be seen by a vet.

If the hamster is eating, drinking, and going to the bathroom normally, she should be all right until Monday when vets' offices open again. If she's not eating or drinking, you'll need to give her some supportive care until then. Give her a few drops of unflavored Pedialyte (made for human infants) into the side of her mouth once per hour. This will keep her from becoming dehydrated. Pedialyte is available at pharmacies, discount stores, and many supermarkets.

The following organizations offer financial help for people who can't afford to take their pets to a vet. Many offer to actually pay vet bills for qualifying people, while others have low-interest loans. The first one has a form that a vet who is a member of AAHA has to fill out to get help for you. Many vets are members - it should say so in their ad in the Yellow Pages.

American Animal Hospital Association

Angels 4 Animals

Care Credit

God's Creatures Ministry



The Pet Fund

United Animal Nations

This site has links to more groups, but does include some of the above:

Here is a list of ideas for people who can't afford vet care:

If you have further questions, just let me know by clicking on REPLY. I hope your hamster will be fine.


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