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My yellow lab has had trouble breathing for several ...

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My yellow lab has had trouble breathing for several months. He wheezes and acts like he can''t get enough air. I have taken him to two vets, both gave him antibiotics. The first thought perhaps it was his heart and the second thought it was laryngitis. However, neither vet has cured him of the wheezing. I noticed foam at his mouth several days ago and again this morning. I am afraid maybe it has something to do w/ his lungs. Please help! I need to be armed w/ as much information as I can when I go to the vet.....Thank you.
You may want to read here about laryngeal paralysis
and all kinds of info here about a lab who had this including a daily diary link
If you live where a fungal infection is a possibility that is something the vet might test for. You can read about fungal diseases here
Dogs can develop asthma which you can read about here
Lungworms could also be a possibility
scroll past the ad for all the info.
Hope this helps you!
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I appreciated the links of various possible illnesses, but would like to cross reference the foam in my pet's mouth w/ these various possibilites to see if one matches more precisely. Thanks.
One thing that can cause foamy saliva is nausea in a dog. You might also consider a possible valve problem in the stomach and reflux as a possible cause of the coughing.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Of the four possible illnesses you mentioned above, LP, fungal infection, asthma, or lungworms, which one would cause foaming of the mouth?
Any of them might cause coughing up of some foamy phlem as its not constant it might be something else also bothering him leading to what you see.
The irritation itself of the coughing might do it.
With asthma or lung infection an x-ray might tell you a lot.
A stool sample check could eliminate a lungworm as being the issue.
And if he has not been checked for heartworm disease that might be worth doing.
An endoscopic exam should show if there is an issue with the larynx or the valve into the stomach area.
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