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Will cancer show up in blood test of dogs

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Indications that cancer might be an issue can show in blood testing. Some tests will show lymphoma for example which you can read about here
While in some cases the blood work would suggest to your vet that more testing perhaps with x-ray, ultrasound etc would be useful to check the dog.
This site mentions a new blood test that may show forms of cancer in early stages.
It certainly is worth asking your vet what they know about this and if they can run such a test with the lab they use if you are suspecting cancer is an issue.
Hope this helps you!
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to NancyH's Post: My dog had blood work done that did not indicate cancer, but a separate doctor looked at an x-ray of her chest and abdomine and said the white cloudy areas indicate cancer. Wouldn't the initial blood work have shown cancer or could the cloudy parts be something else?
The blood test might not have shown signs of lung cancer. A lot depends on the type of cancer and the testing that was done.
You can read about typical blood testing here
to see what it shows.
X-ray is a common way to diagnose typical cancer areas. In the lungs it is possible that white areas indicate another problem such as a fungal infection or pneumonia but I'd expect blood work to indicate an infection was going on if that was the case.
The lungs are a very common area for cancer to spread to in dogs.
The best way to know for sure would be a biopsy with a lab exam of the tissue removed.
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