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Canine nasal congestion

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Our daschun/chihuahua mix (4 yrs old) has been showing signs of what would seem like in a child (stopped up nose, congestion only in nasal cavity). We have taken her to our vet and her lab work came back normal, he listened to her chest and he said that no chest respiratory infection, gave her a shot of antibiotic and Baytril tabs 2 tid X 15 d. There really was no improvement. There has NOT been any nasal discharge. She runs and plays as normal. The only interruption in her daily life is she seems to have a difficulty breathing through her nose periodically. These symptoms have been occurring for approx 3 months.
Does she tend stop and snort several time is rapid succession, planting her feet or even walking backwards for a time until the spasm resolves?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
she may snort several times but no walking backwards. i haven't noticed her planting her feet. it really presents itself most like breathing with nasal congestion but without discharge.

If it is only congestion then you can try some ocean nasal spray. Put two drops into her nose twice daily. This will help to break down the mucus if there is any deep within the nose but it will also help to dislodge any dust particles that could be causing inflammation in the nasal passages.

There are numerous causes to this congestion sound which include nasal polyps, allergies, inflammation in the sinuses, dental infection, reverse sneezing, or possibly a mass within the sinuses.

A dental exam, cleaning, and xrays would not be a bad idea to be sure we aren't having any issues here. I however, am very suspicious that we aren't dealing with what is called a reverse sneeze.

You can read more on this here:

I will let you know that there are still a lot of theories but nothing proven as a specific cause. So far allergies and post nasal drip are consider the most common causes. It is harmless and actually tends to be more concerning to the owner then it is to the dog.

Please let me know if further assistance is needed.


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Theresa's Post: The reverse sneezing sounds like her episodes some of the time, but she also has difficulty breathing through her nose when she is simply just laying around (without the rapid inhaling) or snoring when sleeping. She has never had any of these symptoms until 3 months ago. We will try saline spray. Is there anything else we can do?

I really only want you to change one thing at a time. If this works then great but if not then you may want to try little noses decongestant drops. This should only be an intermittent type of treatment and not long term. If you do need to use it for more than 2 days then I would suggest doing so on a tapering schedule to prevent rebound. This seems to be mostly related to allergies. You may want to ask your vet about using temaril P instead of benedryl because this has some anti inflammatory effect as well. It does have a mild steroid so long term use isn't recommended but it doesn't sound like this happens all the time.


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