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what can cause swollen ears in a goat

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pygmy buck has both ears swollen-they almost look like balloons?


This sounds like your goat may have some Aural Hematomas. This is very common in dogs and cats andcan affect other animals. The problem is there is an underlying cause for this happening. An aural Hematoma is when the blood vessels and capilaries ger broken between the skin in the eras. This allows blood to collect and bwind up looking like an air pillow. You will need to have the Vet out to drain and possibly suture the ears. If this is not done the eras will shrivel and block the ear canal. Most likely this is from an ear infection or a mite in the ears. Joan

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Can an ongoing upper respiratory cough cause or turn into double ear infections leading to both ears being swollen like pillows? And is this (the ear infection) contagious to my other goats? I am waiting for the culture back from my vet for the cough, but this was the weekend and I just noticed his ears being swollen badly today.


An Ear Infection can definately be the cause of the Aural hematoma. It is unusual for lifestock and goats to get an Aural Hematoma. As far as the ear infection being contagious, it depends on the cause. Sometimes the infection comes from a Yeast born infection and sometimes it comes form the respiratory system backing up into the ears. The infection causes the head shaking, which inturn will the broken Vessels in the ears. The culture should give you a better idea of what is happening and how to prevent the heard from having problems. Joan

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