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What is the best way to catch wild peacocks I know ...

Resolved Question:

What is the best way to catch wild peacocks? I know someone who is putting out poison to get them out of her yard. She told me If I could catch them, I could have them.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Pet
Expert:  Anna replied 9 years ago.

Wild peacocks are becoming more common, and causing some problems, in many areas. But these birds are so beautiful that many people , like you, prefer to catch them, rather than kill them. Some people have had success with the cage and food method you already tried. but it takes a long time for the birds to feel safe enough to go in the cage. Since your neighbor is putting out poison, you don't have the time.

If the peacocks will let you get close enough to do it, some people have caught them by throwing a large net - such as fishnet - over them. However, it can then be difficult to transport them and release them from the nets.

Tranquilizer guns are an effective method. You can purchase the guns online, but you have to get the tranquilizing solution from a vet. Many vets won't prescribe it without examining the animal it's meant for, so before ordering a gun, be sure you can buy the tranquilizing solution. Here's one source for the guns, plus information on how to use them:

Another method that has been used is to have a highly-trained herding dog move the birds into a large cage, trailer, or covered pen. There are dogs that have been trained to herd ducks, turkeys, and other birds, and they don't hurt the birds or even touch them. Sometimes you have to pay the handler, but there are others who would do it for the challenge an experience. If you're interested in trying this, tell me your state, and I'll post contact information for herding associations/clubs. I've seen these dogs work, and they can do some pretty amazing things.

All of these methods have their drawbacks, because peacock-catching is very difficult. i hope one of them will work for you. If you have more questions, or want the herding association membership, just click on REPLY.


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