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there is blood in my rabbits stool. should i be concerned

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i have a female holland lop rabbit who is currently 5 years old. I gave her a tomatoe last night and tonight i noticed she had some blood on the shavings in her cage as well as some blood on some droopings. I picked her up and the fur around her bum is dried red. (but not like a blood red, but bright red)


Many times the urine in a Rabbit can look red, pink, brown, or orange. This condition, often simply called red urine, this can occur in healthy rabbits as well as those who are ill. Plant pigments can color of urine. Diets with large amounts such as carrots and spinach have Beta Carotene, can cause the reddish discoloration. The discoloration in the urine may also be a Urinary Tract Infection. Changes in urine color caused by the Beta Carotene are usually only last about 2 or 3 days. I would make sure there is no problem urinating and see if you stop the any Veggies with Beta Carotene. The problems you may be seeing has come from the color in the Tomatoes. If this does not clear up in a few days, I would take the Rabbit in for a urine analysis. Please let me know if I can be of further help. Joan

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