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ChristineLVT, Veterinary Technician
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Experience:  Licensed veterinary technician (B.S. Mercy College), 10 yrs in animal medicine and training
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My dog won''t eat and i think has diarrhea, what should I

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My dog won''t eat and i think has diarrhea, what should I do?
Is he straining to defecate? Have you seen soft or watery stools? How long since he ate anything? Is he drinking?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to ChristineLVT's Post: Yes he is straining. His stools are watery and very dark. He hasn't eaten anything since yesterday morning. He sought out grass to eat for the first time. But when he eats it he throws it up. He isn't vomiting anymore but he can't poop. I have not seen him drink anything but I forced him a few tablespoons of water. What should I do?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
The stool is thin but sort of yolky

Sometimes dogs just get intestinal upsets which can be fixed easily, and can be attempted to clear up at home as long as the dog is acting fairly normal otherwise, non-painful, not pale, not dizzy, no longer vomiting, and eventually will eat. If it doesn't clear up at home, then a vet appointment is necessary, as antibiotics or deworming or just something to settle the GI tract may be needed. Also, although watery stool and straining is common with diarrhea, sometimes a partial foreign body ingestion can cause this and it's very important to keep a good eye on him the next couple of days to make sure there is continued improvement.

Do continue to offer water if he'll drink. (If not, he can always have some unflavored pedialyte). Try offering a bland diet like boiled chicken or boiled hamburger meat with white rice (1:1 ratio). No treats, and don't let him eat grass either. Continue this diet for a couple of days as the stool firms up. Once firmed up, gradually go back to the regular diet over the course of a few meals. Usually they will attempt this type of diet after some time if not forced.

If needed to get him more settled and to start eating, you could also give Immodium (loperamide), which dosing information found here:

Make sure it has been 12 hours since you gave that pepto, and don't continue pepto, as it contains aspirin properties and can lead to stomach ulcers and thus feeling sicker with continued vomiting. Try this, and if not clearing up in a couple of days, you'll want to make a vet appointment then, or if looking worse by tomorrow, seek a vet sooner.

Best of luck, and let me know if I can help further.


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Does the color and texture of the stool matter? I think there may be blood in his stool. Should I still do the steps given to me above? Because the stool is watery and yolky
Blood and mucus are common with diarrhea, as the irritation of moving too quickly down the intestinal tract scrapes the lining of the walls. Also, intestinal parasites can be a concern here as well with this problem, and will not be cleared up by the above info, which is why I suggest if no improvement seen soon, to get to a vet, preferably with a fresh stool sample. If he were indeed having a more severe problem, he would not be acting well for long and again, if any of above symptoms are noted (pain= hunching, can't get comfortable lying down, pale, very weak, unresponsive), then you will need to get him to a vet sooner. If doing ok otherwise and just a bit off, yes, I do suggest following the above advice for watery stool.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
He is normal, responsive when called. His tale wags happily. If he does not drink on his own should I still force him to drink? I forced him to drink by taking a tablespoon and putting water on his tongue. Also will he drink the pedialyte himself or will I have to give it to him?

Also I have another dog, a yorkie, she is not acting the same way as him will she be affected by any of this?
He may like the taste of the pedialyte and drink himself, but then again, may not. I wouldn't force just yet, but offer. If he continues to not eat today, then you can force just a bit of water or pedialyte without stressing him. If he starts to eat a bit, he will be getting nourishment and water content so don't worry too much at that point. The pedialyte is suggested as an alternative because it can help stabilize electrolytes which can sometimes get out of whack if a bit dehydrated. I'm very happy to hear he is still happy and responding, that's a great sign. It's unlikely your other dog will be affected, as contagious problems usually come about at the same time, and it's more likely to be a GI routed problem instead of an airborne virus.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
How long should I give him pedialyte? How long should I wait before I take him to the vet?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
What could have brought this on, he just went to the vet two weeks ago?

I wouldn't go more than 24 hours without forcing small amounts of liquids if refusing to eat or drink anything, and at that point, if not perking up within a couple of hours from then, I'd seek vet attention then, just to avoid dehydration and more severe problems. If he sarts to drink but doesn't want that bland diet, and if still acting normally, 48 hours is ok IF he is indeed taking in some fluids.

There's no way of knowing what brought this on without knowing exact cause (GI upset, parasites, etc). Usually it is just the way food was eaten or just an off day for digestion, like people get at times, but without testing you can't be sure.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
He was fine at the vet visit. Also if I should have to take him to the vet do you have an estimated cost for everything?

I'm sure he was fine at the vet visit. A lot can change in 24 hours, let alone 2 weeks, especially with GI issues. Costs vary greatly depending on individual clinic and part of the country, so there's no way of me knowing hoq much the clinic you are going to would charge and what diagnostics may be needed depending on how he's doing at that particular moment. Unfortunately giving you what my clinic charges won't be helpful, as we are among one of the most expensive in NY State, and often 2-5x's more than most other hospitals.

You have every right to call and ask the physical exam/ office charge in advance, and once there, a printed estimate of charges which you can deny or agree to, pick and choose what can be done, and know exact price up front.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you very much!
Good luck, and I hope your dog is better in no time!