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JC Dill
JC Dill, AFA Certified Farrier Equine expert
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Experience:  Horse and pet owner for over 30 years, experienced caring for many different types of animals.
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I have a goat, approximately 45 pounds. She has hurt her ...

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I have a goat, approximately 45 pounds. She has hurt her leg. Can her give her either bute, banomine (sp), aspirin or prednisone? If so what would the dosage be?

I can help with this, but first it would help to know some more details:

What breed is your goat? How old is she? In what way has she hurt her leg - is this an internal injury (e.g. "twisted her ankle") or does she have an external wound on her leg? Which leg is involved?

How long have you owned her, owned goats?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to JC Dill's Post: JC,
Goat Goat (that's her name) is about 4 years old. She is a Cashmere/Boar cross. I got her about a year ago. I know very little about goats. She was a rescue case, (I take in dogs and horses) I don't know if this is a leg or hoof issue, she acts like it's a leg issue. She is holding her leg up (bent at the knee at about a 75 degree angle. I have looked at the hoof to see if there is a rock, and so far have not found anything. It has rained her for several days, and has been quite muddy, so ...........I don't know. She had hoof rot before, which we treated, but that came on gradually, and this was very sudden, hence my thinking it's in the leg (hurt somehow) I can't feel any heat, yet her leg is sensitive to the touch.
Hello again,

Since you take in rescue horses I assume you know about using Bute etc. Here is a page that lists the dosage for Bute, Banimine, and Dex for goats. Scroll down to the "Anti-Inflamitory" section.

If this came on suddenly, the most likely cause is an abscess in her hoof. Try soaking her hoof in warm water with epsom salts to help the hoof soften and the abscess to find a drainage tract. Then wrap the hoof with bandaging, vetwrap, and duct tape as you would do with a hoof abscess. If you can get her out of the mud that would really help too. Soak and change the bandage 2x daily. If you find any discharge in the bandage look in that area of her hoof to see if an abscess tract is opening up.

Good luck!


p.s. I will be away from the computer for a few hours. If you need more help, I will answer again when I am back.
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX try that.