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My potbellied pig seems to have Etrophia. He is blind now ...

Customer Question

My potbellied pig seems to have Etrophia. He is blind now as it is, I don't know if the "eye" is actually blind but his lower lid appears to be over the eyeball. I am wondering if surgery might be in order for him and a ballpark price on this type of surgery? His eyes are sunk way in heavy brows. Pus. I can't seem to pull the lower lid down to find the eyeball. Looks as though the lower lid has gone up over the eye with the upper lid laying over the bottom.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Pet
Expert:  Anna replied 9 years ago.
Hi Nancy,

As you already know, pot-bellied pigs are prone to entropion, also called etrophia. But other eye conditions can mimic entropion, including wrinkles holding the eyelid onto the eye. The pigs are also prone to those types of eye problems. You'll need a veterinary examination to determine exactly what is wrong with your pig's eyes. It may be something that can be treated without surgery. Here are a few sites where you can read more about eye problems in pot-bellied pigs:

Finding a vet who treats pot-bellied pigs can be a problem. Many companion animal vets view all pigs as livestock and don't care to treat them, while farm vets have trouble seeing a pig of any sort as a companion. Here is a link to a directory of experienced pot-bellied pig vets:

A ballpark figure on the cost of surgery would be hard to give you because veterinary costs vary greatly around the country. For example, what would be a ballpark figure in the Midwest would be laughably low for the East coast. I would recommend that you call a vet who does the surgery in your area, and just ask them. Or, if you'll send me your location, I'll see what I can find out.

If you have further concerns, just let me know. I hope you're able to quickly find a solution for your pot-bellied pig's eye problem.


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