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Patricia, Parrot Consultant
Category: Pet
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Experience:  Published author, free lance bird behaviorist, adviser to the parrots at Sarasota Jungle Gardens.
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How to breed albinos lovebirds

Customer Question

How to breed albinos lovebirds
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Pet
Expert:  Patricia replied 9 years ago.
Hello. You have really set a task for yourself if you want to try for Albinos. Anytime you start delving into avian genetics, trying for a certain color mutation, it gets very involved, very fast. I'm sure you already know that the albinos, (of any species) is more of a fluke than it is something that can be bred for. But to have even a chance at getting any, you have to have at least one to start with. Then you also have to know the genetics of several previous generations of both the albino bird and the bird that you are going to pair it with. I don't know how much you know about bird breeding but if you are just starting out, you are going to have a ton of research to do before you even try to shop for a starting pair. (When that time comes, stay out of the pet stores. Work only with a local, very reputable breeder to obtain a breeding pair.) You are going to have to study what it means when we talk about "sex-linked", "split to" and many other breeding terms. Once you have a good grasp of all of that, there is still a lot of hit and miss when it comes to hoping for an albine. Just one example; if you pair an Albino Fischer's with a Green Fischer's, you will get all visual Green Fischer's offspring but all will be split for Albino. If any of those offspring were then bred to unrelated Green/albino Fischer's, you will have your visual Albino back again. That approach is the only proper way to try to breed Albinos. Albino is the absence of all color and it's genetically weak. Only by going back to a normal bird and breeding from splits, can you be assured of stronger, healthy offspring. Here is a link to some beginning information about lovebird genetics. Click here: Genetics It will help you get feel for just what a monumental task it can be, trying to breed for a particular color mutation. I hope this will help you get a start at least, on this project. If you can locate a local, reputable breeder who works with Lovebirds, that can be your best source of help and guidance along the way. But, it's not going to be easy and you are going to have to have one heck of a set up and room for several generations of birds, so that you know the past genetics to be able to work towards the albino. It's just not a question that has an answer as simple as; "you need one of these and one of those and you will get albinos". It just doesn't work that way. Let me know if you need anything else. Patricia