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What would cause a Guinea Pig to die rather suddenly. She ...

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What would cause a Guinea Pig to die rather suddenly. She was not quite 3 years old. Very healthy, but somewhat overweight. She had quit eating and drinking. The vet said her teeth needed to be ground down. This was done, but she died 3-1/2 days later on her way to the vet. Before she stopped eating and drinking, she ate Romaine lettuce, a small amount of spinach, carrots, and some fruit along with Timothy Hay. She and another Guinea Pig lived in the same cage and ate the same food. The second Guinea Pig of the same age is fine. My grandson is heartbroken over her death.


Guinea pigs like most living things can have heart problems and being this cavy was over weight there may have been a Cardio Myopathy which caused a sudden death. Also, Guinea Pigs can not manufacture their own Vitamin C. It is very possible from the sound of what you have written that your Cavy may have had a serious deficiency and died of Scurvy. These are very common illnesses in Cavies especially when they carry the extra weight. I am so sorry for the loss, but without a Necropsy you may never know what the actual cause passing was. I would like to offer this link for help with closure for your Grandson. With sincerest condolences, Joan jav917

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