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John Sanders
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If the tail on a Green Anoles grow back if Ripped off

Customer Question

If the tail on a Green Anoles grow back if Ripped off? If so how long will it take? If not will it die? Will we still be able to Breed?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Pet
Expert:  John Sanders replied 10 years ago.
Hi Shaylin, Yes, green anoles (Anolis carolinis) will regenerate a lost tail. As with all lizards, when the tail is detached it will grow back less vivid and stubbier. You'll see a small black dot coming out of the tail in the next week or two. This will continue to get longer and begin to gain some color but will stay dark. Most likely your anole will still be able to breed. As long as the break is more than 5 or so caudal scales down the tail (belly scales) there should be no reproductive harm. I hope this helps! =c)