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John Sanders
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Category: Pet
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Experience:  Experience w/ cats, dogs, birds, fish, and small animals and reptiles (15+ years in industry)
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my turtle keeps makin weird noises, why

Customer Question

like a noise
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Pet
Expert:  John Sanders replied 10 years ago.
Can you tell me what kind of noises the turtle is making? is it making any gestures with the noises? Is there anything else going on that seems to be out of the norm?
Expert:  Dr. Hanson replied 10 years ago.

Your turtle may have inhaled water into her lungs which might be causing the weird noises.

Some turtles will normally make a squeaking noise and larger turtles and tortoises will make a grunting noise. Since I can't hear the weird noises that your turtle is making then I recommend that you have your turtle examined in person.

She might be perfectly fine, however, if your turtle inhaled water, it could develop into aspiration pneumonia which can be treated with antibiotics so it's always best to be safe rather than sorry. Take her to be examined in person.

Expert:  John Sanders replied 10 years ago.
Hello again Elisa, Unfortunately without a full grasp of what's going on with your turtle, nobody can make a diagnosis as to what the problem is that's causing it to make a strange noise. I do agree with Dr. Hanson that it should be looked at by a professional in herpetofauna medicine. If you need to locate a good reptile vet just tell me the county or you can go to the following website -
Herp Vet Directory

If you're unable to find one there, feel free to contact me. Although I'm unable to tell you what's wrong with the slider for sure. I can tell you that my suspicion is an upper respiatory infection. One main symptom of a URI in aquatic turtles is a wheezing and clicking noise heard when they're breathing. You might also notice puffiness around the eyes and mucus coming from the nose or mouth. It's usually caused by a weakened immune system due to improper husbandry techniques. (eg. temperature too low, water temp or quality not right, improper diet)
Red eared sliders need a hot spot that they can bask under (created using an incandescent UVA light bulb sold for reptile use). That hot spot should be 90 to 100 degrees with a temperature gradiant to the cool side at 80 degrees during the day dropping to room temperature at night. Water should be filtered and changed at 50% a week. It should be 78 degrees F. The turtle should also have 10 to 12 hours a day of unfiltered UVB light provided by a UVB bulb made for reptile use.
I hope this helps with your turtles problem, Feel free to ask if it doesn't clear it up.