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Traci T.
Traci T., Veterinary Assistant
Category: Pet
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Experience:  20 yrs in petcare, Including vet assistant, pet sitting, and breeding. Lrg & small animal Experience
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My guinea pig is extremely skinny, he sounds congested ...

Customer Question

My guinea pig is extremely skinny, he sounds congested and his eyes keep filling with sleep goup. Is he sick or is he dying? he 3 years old. Please help me.
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Pet
Expert:  Traci T. replied 10 years ago.

It sounds like your guinea pig might have a respiratory infection and possibly pneumonia. He is probably not eating because he doesn't feel good. You really need to take him to a vet. They will probably put him on antibiotics. This doesn't mean he is dying, but he could die from this. Respiratory infections can turn in to pneumonia very quickly and that is a lot harder to treat. Guine pigs usually live for 4-7 years and his age can be a factor in why he has gotten so sick. Please take him to your vet. He sounds very sick, and the quicker you act, the better his chances are to survive this.

I hope this helps!!