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Patricia, Parrot Consultant
Category: Pet
Satisfied Customers: 1759
Experience:  Published author, free lance bird behaviorist, adviser to the parrots at Sarasota Jungle Gardens.
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My parakeets wings are bleeding. I cant afford to pay for a ...

Customer Question

My parakeets wings are bleeding. I cant afford to pay for a vet. What should i do?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Pet
Expert:  Patricia replied 10 years ago.
Hello. Stop immediately getting them wet that is only making them bleed more. To be able to help you the best, XXXXX XXXXX to know how, or why they are bleeding. Did you try to do a trim of the feathers and is that what is bleeding or is it from some kind of wound. Please let me know right away and I will get right back to you. This is an emergency and your bird will quickly bleed to death if we don't work together to get it stopped. Let me know quickly. In the meantime get some cornstarch if you have some, second best is flour. Coat the spot that is bleeding thickly and leave it alone. Patricia
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Patricia's Post: well everytime it starts to bleed a feather comes off. I think it may be because of blood feathers but im not sure. I look under the wing and it's red and missing some feathers.
Expert:  Patricia replied 10 years ago.
It's really critical that I know whether it is a blood feather or not. YOu didn't say if you tried to trim her flight feathers or not. If she is bleeding from cut blood feather, she is in even more danger than if it's from plucking or something similar. If you have cut, or if she has broken a blood feather, the stub going to have to be removed. It's best done as a two person job but it must be done. That stub is going to continue to act like a siphon and she will bleed out quickly. Rather than waste more of her time asking, I'm going to give you a link to instructions that will step you through exactly what you need to do to save her. Click here: Broken Blood Feathers in Birds: First Aid and Removal Read this quickly but thoroughly. Don't put too much pressure on her body because she has to be able to expand and contract her entire body to get a breath. And be very careful about giving proper support to the wing when pulling the stub. Now if the bleeding is not coming from a blood feather, that will be something totally different and I can help you with that but I'll wait for you to let me know if you need help because she is plucking herself into bleeding. If it's the feather situation, you need to act immediately and not sit there waiting for me to type out what you need to know for some other problem. Good luck and let me know. I'll be here. Patricia